Pests and Your Home

home pests
Whether they are walking through your home or flying around in your backyard, pests can be a problem for any home. From stings and bites to damaging the very foundation of a home, pests should not be ignored. There is good news, however, pests can be eliminated with the help of and it does not always require using harsh chemicals.


One of the most common household pests is the flea. Fleas are a reddish tan color and are recognized by their bulbous backs. They are amazing jumpers and can jump 14-15 feet at a time. A majority of household fleas come from the family pets. While fleas are miserable for pets, they can also be incredibly irritating to the people living in the home as well. Fleas prefer to feed on nonhuman sources, but they will feed on humans if there are a lot of fleas or there are no other options. Some people are more susceptible to flea bites than others and may develop sore,itchy red spots.

Bed Bugs

bed bugsBed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, but it can be done. Bed bugs come into a home on the clothes or skin after they have been picked up from another infested person or area. People have brought bed bugs home from hotel stays, coworkers at work, and classmates at school. The insect is identified by its oval body, reddish brown color, and six legs. Bed bugs, like fleas, feed on the blood of hosts. They are mostly active at night and tend to hide in the corners of bed clothes and mattresses. Bed bug bites are more annoying than dangerous and can leave a raised, red spot that is itchy.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are distributed throughout the world. Their name comes from the fact that they burrow into untreated wood to make their nests. Carpenter bees are different from other bees in that they do not make large colonies and the male bees are unable to sting. Carpenter bees have a glossy black body and a yellow head. These bees may not be able to sting, but they do cause damage to decks and other outside wood.


termitesTermites can be a homeowner’s nightmare. Termites are yellowish-orange with a large head and a pincher like apparatus at the front. They can squeeze into a building through a space as small as 1/32nd of an inch. Termites are not dangerous to people, but they can be harmful to a home because they eat wood, creating a network of tunnels through what is supposed to be solid. These tunnels destroy the integrity of the wood and cause structural problems.