How to Exterminate Pests

Sometimes it is impossible to prevent pests. Killing any pest is usually a process that will involve multiple applications and the help of BeesNThings and could take some time.

Many people are tempted to buy flea bombs that contain a lot of chemicals and can be harmful to people and pets, but there are other ways to kill fleas. Vacuuming infected areas, washing all bedding and clothing, and thoroughly cleaning all pets will help to kill fleas. Be persistent; fleas can take a while to kill, but persistence pays off.

home bugsVacuuming eggs and adult bed bugs is the fastest way to pick up the insect. Instead of using harsh chemicals to kill bed bugs, steam can be used to instantly kill them. Steam machines can be bought at hardware stores and are available to kill bed bugs. To prevent bed bugs from being re-introduced into the bedding, place a cover over the mattress and wash all bedding very thoroughly.

An easy way to kill carpenter bees without using chemicals is to plug up the nest with something strong like steel wool or a weather-resistant caulking compound. The bees will die in their nest and at the end of the season, the hole can be covered over permanently to match the surrounding wood.

Eradicating termites is imperative to the protection of a home. If the termite infestation is small, such as a piece of furniture, then exposing it to sunlight or freezing it for a few days will kill the termites. Most of the time, however, this isn’t a possibility. Professionals are capable of killing termites without chemicals. Heat treatment is where a professional exterminator can superheat the home to kill termites. This is an effective and eco-friendly solution.