Preventing Pests at Home

preventing pests
Of course, the best way to protect a home from common pests is prevention. Preventing these insects from coming into the home is going to stop a huge problem before it even starts. There are some simple things that can be done to stop these pests.
Washing pets on a regular basis and applying flea and tick prevention medication will kill most fleas and stop them from coming into the home. Pets should have these medications even in the winter.

home pestsThe best way to prevent bed bugs is to avoid them. Bed bug outbreaks are on the rise in the United States. Avoid going to places where bed bug outbreaks have been reported. Some hotels find the best carpenter Bee Trap and hire bed bug dogs to sniff out bed bugs and eradicate them. Since most people do not bring a bed bug dog with them, they can inspect the bedding before they unpack. The best places to check on the bed are around the mattress rims under the sheets. As a precaution, immediately wash everything immediately after returning home. At home, placing mattress protectors on mattresses may help prevent a full blown outbreak if bed bugs are brought home.

Carpenter bees will drill through wood that is stained, however, they usually will not drill through wood that is painted. Applying a gloss over stained wood also helps prevent carpenter bees. Touching up paint and gloss coats over wood before carpenter bee season (late spring, early summer) will go a long way in preventing carpenter bees.
Regular inspections of a building for termites can prevent major termite outbreaks. In addition to regular inspections, homeowners can prevent termites by preventing soil from directly touching wood surfaces, keeping firewood and mulch away from the sides of the house, and cleaning leaves from the gutters and drains.